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Alchemy ReLived

Staging unmissable live shows of Dire Straits' music

'Alchemy ReLived' stages unmissable live shows, performing some of the best music that 'Dire Straits' ever created.  For most gigs we stage the show, 'Alchemy', playing the best known songs and hits of 'Dire Straits'. For special occasions, we stage a stunning and authentic recreation of the classic double-disc live album 'Alchemy'. 

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Our Story

Alchemy ReLived’ is a loving tribute to the music of 'Dire Straits'. 

Classic Rock magazine hailed 'Dire Straits' as "the biggest British rock band of the 80s.” And with four Grammy Awards, three Brit Awards, an iconic performance at Live Aid, over 120 million albums sold, and a final world tour that sold over 7 million tickets, it’s difficult to deny that claim.

Alchemy ReLived’ was formed in 2019 between like-minded musicians with a collective desire to authentically revive the songs from the ‘Alchemy Live’ album, including such classics as the powerful epic, ‘Telegraph Road’, the timeless love song, ‘Romeo & Juliet’, the atmospheric ‘Private Investigations’ and the classic song that started it all, ‘Sultans of Swing’. Since its first gig in 2022, the band has widened its repertoire with some songs from one of the world’s best-selling albums, ‘Brothers In Arms’ together with the occasional rarity thrown in for the hardcore fans of 'Dire Straits'.

Meet The Band

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